My Friday 5

Happy Friday!
I’m so excited for General Conference this weekend!
Homemade cinnamon rolls, Mr. J home, and just being able to relax sounds fabulous to me!
Love these Temple pictures and want one for my kids rooms! It looks like such a simple project, I hope it is!
Sassy Sites has a post just dedicated to fabulous ideas she’s found for General Conference. I love all of them!
I think I’m gonna go with the picture bingo from Oopsey Daisy, I think the boy will love it!
Very cute letter made with cinnamon sticks! Love the colors and the felt flower!
I am dying over how beautiful these dressers turned out, I think I need a few lessons from Jenn!
Little Miss L’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon and I would love to make rock candy! Found this great tutorial over at Gluesticks!
Have a great weekend!

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