Shark Cupcakes

My oldest had a shark week party and made super cute cupcakes!
We love our “Hello Cupcake” book!
Just good old vanilla cupcakes…decorated!
Put some frosting on top and “glue” the twinkie (cut one inch off the bottom, as shown, then cut the curves off the top to make a pointy shark face). Freeze for 15+ minutes then dip in gray frosting.  To make the dipping frosting, melt a canister of white frosting, and we mixed in a little black gel frosting. Dip your shark in, then add eyes and gills with the gel frosting.  Add blue frosting around to make waves.
Use a hershey bar (or some chocolate bar) and this will be your shark fin. We cut circles with a cookie cutter, cut them in half and slid them into the chilled twinkie.
For the life preservers cupcakes, use powdered donuts and add red lines.  Use a melon baller (most have a serrated end) and lightly press on the donut to “take a bite out.”  Add mini swedish fish and you’re good to go.

My darling daughter ready for her party!
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17 thoughts on “Shark Cupcakes

  1. So, what’s up with the lime in the background of the twinkie demo?? OK, sorry, it was one of those crazy days…in and out of the kitchen trying to take pics AND making lime chicken taco marinade…oops!!
    LOVE the new blog design…gorgeous, just like you!!

  2. These are great! I love how you used the powdered donuts. Too cute! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites. I just added this to my pinterest!

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