Summer Slush with 7 UP TEN

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Summertime is just around the corner and if your family is anything like mine your summer will include BBQ’s, ice cream floats, and lots of treats. My husband and I have been trying to cut back on soda in an attempt to become healthier. Our son has a sweet tooth like his mom, poor thing, he loves his treats. Occasionally we will let him drink soda for dinner. It’s a bribe to get him to eat everything on his plate without complaining. When I heard about the TEN beverages, I thought they’d definitely be worth a try. They have 7 UP TEN, Sunkist TEN, Canada Dry TEN & A&W TEN. A few of these are our favorites so we headed to Wal Mart & used this coupon.

Once we got home I let him try it. He really liked it and couldn’t even tell the difference. He usually can tell the slightest difference with everything. You still get the full flavor with less calories. While we were trying it out we decided to make a slush with the 7 UP TEN similar to our favorite go to slush also made with 7 UP. You can substitute 7UP TEN in that recipe and it would be just as great.
strawberry treatYou can make this however thick or thin you want and have it as a smoothie or a slush. We used the fruit we had on hand and made it into a slush.
slushSummer Slush:
10 strawberries
3 clementines
2 bananas
1/2 carton of pineapple sherbet
1/2-1 can of 7 UP TEN (to taste)
*Ice-we like ours cold so we added a few ice cubes
smoothieBlend up the fruit and either mix in the 7 UP TEN with a spoon or turn the blender onto a low speed.
summer drinkHead to Wal Mart to try them out! You can get $0.50 off of your purchase of TWO 2 Liter bottles or TWO 4-pack cans of 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN soda. However, if you were to share that digital coupon via email, FB, Twitter (there is a click to share function) you will be brought to a coupon that will get $1.50 off that purchase rather than $0.50. Offer available while supplies last 3/27-4/17.

With Easter egg hunts, parties and dinners coming up, hurry while the deal lasts!
Check the Dr Pepper Snapple Group out on Facebook & Twitter.

Mrs. J

What I Wore – The Printed Palette & a Giveaway

Happy Wednesday! I’m trying to get back into a routine after spring break, getting ready for SNAP next week (who is going? I’d love to meet you!), and getting ready for Elevate which is next month! I was going through old pictures wondering how much my style has changed in the last year or if it has changed at all. Do you ever do that? I found these and kind of cracked up because if there is 1 shop that we still continue to be huge fans of, it is The Printed Palette.

printedpalette4ddUs last June all decked out in The Printed Palette with the pink headband from The Lil Cupcake. We all still adore big brother, but are trying to gently remind him that he is not the 2nd mom. It must be a big 1st grade thing.
printedpalette7ddWe still jump on the trampoline, just now the baby jumps with us.
the printed palette deer to meFast forward a year and we are still shopping for our family at The Printed Palette.
Photos by Jylare Smith
freshly picked moccs
kids in printed paletteOn the girls:
The Printed Palette – You are deer to me
Headbands – The Lil Cupcake
Leggings – Ollie Jones Clothing
Moccs – Freshly Picked
On the boy:
Pants – Gap
The Printed Palette – You are deer to me
ollie jones leggingsI love this picture!
the printed paletteOllie Jones Clothing, The Printed Palette, The Lil Cupcake, & Freshly Picked are giving away over $150 worth of goodies on my Instagram if you’d like to enter!

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Mrs. J

Picnic with Grandma

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess”

The weather has been gorgeous here lately. So gorgeous that we have taken the kids out for a couple of picnics. It it quickly becoming their favorite thing to do as a family. After a couple of times going on a picnic, I think I’ve finally figured out a few essentials that have to come along with us. First off, I knew there had to be something better than taking napkins up the canyon. You know when there’s just a slight gust of wind and a napkin flies off? Your kids don’t jump up to get it. You do. You try to nonchalantly jog after it, hoping no one is watching of course, and when you go to put your foot on it, it flies the other way. By the time you give it back to your kids it’s dirty anyways. I used baby wipes the next time and they just aren’t sensitive enough for my kids faces. I found a coupon for 0.55 off any Wet-Nap product and headed to Wal Mart to grab some. For 110 pack, they came out to just over $1!  

picnic with wet napGrandma & Grandpa were in town so we planned to take Grandma out one day while Grandpa & dad headed to a baseball game.
picnic with the kidsThe kids threw rocks in the river and played at the park while I got lunch ready.

picnicWe had a simple picnic for our picky eaters.
picnic with grandmaSome of us acted like we’ve never been outside and opted to jump off rocks and get dirty…

picnic timeWhile others of us enjoyed hanging out and eating.
picnic wet nap wipesAfter eating, cheeto puff and raspberry hands needed to be cleaned. I was really impressed with the Wet-Nap wipes. Fast and easy clean up. His little face is usually the one to be sensitive to wet wipes and nothing happened.
picnic and climbingWe got to explore, play and show off for Grandma.
picnic with our grandmaAnother necessity I need for every picnic is a scooter. We usually take a good walk or hike around and if they are tired or need to go to the bathroom a scooter helps us get back quickly. It’s funny how fast a child saying, “mom, I need to go to the bathroom,” changes the pace of a calm nature walk.

Go to Wal Mart and grab some Wet-Nap wipes for your next picnic! Hurry while supplies last!

Mrs. J


What I Wore – Recycled Design with Sage & Harper

You guys!! I’m starting to see some signs of spring and I’m loving it! Loving it so much I’ve been singing a ridiculous amount of, “Do you want to build a snowman? Or ride a bike around the halls?….” Weird, I know, snowmen and spring don’t go together, but when that’s the kind of stuff that makes your little girls happy and sun makes you happy, they just go together perfectly. I’m just going to keep wearing my favorite bomber all the way through spring because I love it so much. Plus Utah spring is about 50-60 degrees.
Photos by the lovely Jylare Smith.
recycled design bomberJacket: Recycled Design
Blouse: Shop Ruche
Pants: LC Lauren Conrad
Wedges: Target
Necklace with each of my babes initials: Bip & Bop
Bag: Sage & Harper
recycled design with bip and bop necklace
recycled design
wedge booties
recycled design vegan leather bomber with sage and harperSage & Harper will be getting their new spring line shortly…it’s amazing! Follow to be updated when they release them!

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Mrs. J

Service Collab April – Serve Your Friend & Free Printable

I’m inspired by women who simply go out of their way to cheer a friend up by bringing her cupcakes when she’s had a rough day, women who leave their love a special note tucked away in his jacket pocket, women who offer to watch their neighbor’s 4 kids when she already has a bunch of her own, women who pay at Starbucks for the car behind them, women who look for opportunities to brighten someone’s day,
Women Who Serve.

I’m collaborating with some amazing women this year in hopes that I will step out of my comfort zone and bring more joy into my life by helping others.
Alissa (The Printed Palette)
Summer (Made By Munchie’s Mama)
Sadie (Simply Sadie Jane)
Corrine (Mint Arrow)
Tiffany (Rue Rococo)

You can grab the free printables from January, February and March. This is going to be an amazing collection once the year is over.
In April we are serving a friend! Go here to grab the free print.
Mrs. J

What We Wore – Wedding Style

My brother in law got married at the end of December. I’ve known him since he was 14 and thinking he was old enough to take this big step in his life broke my heart a little bit, but at the same time I’d been waiting for this day since the day I married his big brother. Weddings are stressful and weddings during the holidays take it up a notch. My new sister in law was awesome and said we could wear whatever we wanted, seriously?! Easiest bride ever. She sent me colors of what her bridesmaids were wearing and I stayed inside that palette of aqua and coral for my kids and then decided that I would wear navy. My husband was part of the wedding party so I also needed something somewhat comfy so I could chase the kids in case he was off taking pictures.

Photos by the wonderful Jylare Smith, my 4 year old fell in love with her. She kept asking Jylare to take pictures of her, which is why there are more of her :) She is so amazing with kids!

what we wore weddingMe:
Skirt – Cozette Couture
Blouse – J Crew
Heels – Aldo (similar)
Blazer – Kohls
wedding outfits for familyOur boy:
Khaki Pants & Shirt – Gap
Suspenders – Amazon
Bowtie – Kelsey Bang
Shoes – Famous Footwear (similar)
Our baby girl wanted nothing to do with any of us that day and since she’s the 3rd, she thinks she’s in charge and we are pretty much wrapped around her finger.
darling boutique dressesOn the girls:
Dresses – Royal Spice Clothing
Headbands – Ruby Blue Inc
Shoes – Old Navy
my three babesI’m in love with this picture. Our boy is trying to make his mom happy by smiling, our oldest girl is genuinely happy to be taking pictures, and our baby is having a serious moment where nothing could make her laugh…not even mom dancing around like a nut.
pink and cream toddler dressesI love that my dress twirls big, like a princess dress, mommy.
wedding outfitsThe day went perfectly. It was freezing when we got up and going, but by lunch time it was absolutely beautiful and a day filled with a lot of love.
Mrs. J


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